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Easy access to real estate data.

A cloud-based Japan property data service.

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Enter an address of interest and simply click!
The real estate data for the surrounding area will then appear in 10 seconds. "portal" offers information on properties available for rent and for sale, presented as a list accompanied by various graphs, such as the price per square meter over time.

propSCOPE for Rent

Understand the rental property market in simple graphs.

Available for the Japan and Singapore market.

Seeing is believing. TRY propSCOPE NOW! (it's free!)

B Solution

Introducing a system relevant to all businesses in real estate.

Utilizing real estate big data, we can provide total support in the various challenges faced by corporate clients.

We extract elements that can serve as benchmarks for our clients' businesses from the approximately 540 billion pieces of segmented real estate and geographic data that we maintain (updated daily), and propose new "insights" that have not been available before.

Some of our analytical examples

We provide effective solutions for every step from finding to buying and managing and finally selling the property.

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