The Propre Sourcing Algorithm Program is a service that uses the power of AI to exclusively find and extract properties which are truly of good value for money – “earlier than anyone else".

We deliver the freshest investment property information, quicker than anyone else.

PSAP uses AI to calculate the fair price of condominiums that are currently listed for sale,
and measures the percentage of deviation from the listed price.
The program then extracts, in real time,
those properties that have a listed price below the calculated fair price.

psap point image

An industry first! Real-time information updates in the news feed. You will always have the freshest information at your fingertips.

psap point image

Since you can find out the right price and the right rent by AI appraisal, you can compare it with the selling price and the current rent to evaluate the potential profitability.

We are watching the market all the time.

PSAP is currently being tested on Twitter!
Anyone can access the service.