Frequently asked questions about propTREE

You can find out more about the features and services about propTREE, Propre’s real estate market analysis service.

About propTREE Services

What can I do with propTREE?

PropTREE is a service that allows you to analyze which characteristics (parameters) related to real estate have the greatest effect on increasing the unit price of rent and sales. propTREE can be used in situations such as confirming parameters and combinations of these that have a greater effect on increasing the unit price of rent and sales, or looking at the average unit price in such cases, utilizing the vast amount of real estate data that Propre has uniquely collected.

Can I use propTREE for personal use?

Yes, Propre’s propTREE can be used by individuals such as condo owners, asset managers and property managers who want to increase their rents and sales prices.

What are the target areas?

As of May 2020, the service is available in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Target areas will be expanded in due course.

The decision tree cannot be viewed immediately after the request.

PropTREE can be requested if there are more than 500 properties in the last 12 months that match your search criteria. If you have not received any results within one business day, please contact our support team via chat at the bottom left of the screen.<br>Please note that even in the case of a request, we may not be able to see the results because they do not meet our output criteria. When the results are ready to be viewed, we will contact you by email, so please view them after you make your purchase from request summary page.

About Payment

What are your payment options?

You can use all major credit cards for online payments. If you would like to make a bank transfer on an invoice basis, please contact the help desk using ”Send a Message” at the bottom left of the screen or your sales representative.

When is the settlement date?

For credit card purchases, the date of purchase is the date of settlement. Please inquire of your credit card company about the debit date for your credit card.

About Cancellation

I made the mistake of requesting a rent and a sale. Can I take it back?

Request again with your desired property type. Once the propTREE is complete, please proceed to purchase and click on the "View propTREE" button for your desired request ID.

From the request summary, I mistakenly hit the "show propTREE" button on the request ID I didn’t want to purchase and applied it. Can I take it back?

I’m sorry. You cannot cancel a propTREE purchase once it has been applied.